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Located at the Habitat Residence Hotel, in the Heart of Brickell, Miami

Le Marche Café opened in 2015, as a gourmet neighborhood café. We selected our favorite local products taking inspiration from traditional Parisian cafés with our cosy decor. 

The coffee comes from our local favorite roasters, Panther Coffee, taking the finest of raw products and blending into a perfect mix for brewing. Pastries and Eats are locally sourced and baked onsite. You will find a mix of classic European pastries, paired with Latin-inspired favorites. We can't wait to share a cup of coffee and bite to eat with you....



(786) 655-7200



1700 SW 2ND AVE
Miami, FL 33129


M-F 8am–5pm
Sat 8am–4pm
Sun 8am–2pm